Kat de Naoum

Katerina Naoum was born in Volos, Greece in 1982 where she lived with her mother and her grandmother. At aged three, she moved with her mother to London, England where she lived until the age of 19 with her parents and two younger siblings. At 19 however, the overwhelming urge she had been feeling all her life to return to the motherland finally overcame her and she returned to Greece (but never quite shook the label “Anglaki” (little English one)). “I believe I have traits from both countries,” she says. “I love England as I grew up there but Greece feels and has always felt more like home.”

Kat is a writer and writes (among other things) the weekly column, StyleLove Convo. She lives just outside of Athens with her 5 dogs and 2 cats (and counting) and mainly spends her days writing, doing yoga, playing ‘Words With Friends’ and chasing animals around the garden.

Xeni Kouveli

Xeni was born and raised in Athens and is the youngest of three children. Her great love of art and designing led her to study Graphic Design in Athens and Web Design in England but her heart was always in Fashion. Through this love, her fashion blog Stylelove.gr was born in 2009. Although given many opportunities to work outside of Greece, Xeni has politely declined, choosing to live and work in Greece. “I have travelled and studied abroad and although I enjoyed it, I would not like to leave Greece permanently. Greece is my home.”

Xeni resides in Glyfada with her (equally fashion trendy) husband, Victor and in 2012 they started the company Thalatta Concept, FromGreece with Kiss Kiss, a fashion company that specializes in designing and producing fully Greek handmade pouches with print images from the beautiful Greece. The idea came to them as they wanted to present the beauty of their country in an artistic point of view and at the same time combine it with fashion that they both love so much. The pouches are made of 100% eco cotton fully printed with images that they have captured on their travels from the countryside or the Greek islands. Each pouch tells a story of one of their experiences from their travels.