It’s as simple as this:

Kat and Xeni live in Greece and love it. (Who are Kat and Xeni?)

Kat write’s a weekly column called Convo for Xeni’s blog, Fed up of the selfie craze, she decided, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” but at least do it for a good cause. She picked up the Greek chocolate bar that she had been enjoying and snapped a selfie with it, then posted it on the social medias with the hashtags #selfieforgreece and #buygreek, and nominated Xeni to do the same. And the rest is history! (Read the very first post here.)kat xen first selfie#Selfieforgreece was born from our great love of our amazing country, our choice to live in it and support it even through the hardships, and our dismay at the undeserved beating it has received these last few years.

It feels really good to have had such a positive response because #selfieforgreece is a cause that is really close to our hearts.

When the crisis hit we all struggled (past tense is superfluous) and there were many suggestions from family and friends in Greece and abroad that we should pack up and leave the country and find jobs overseas (there were even a few offers). We may have given it a fleeting thought but decided against it, not wanting to leave our wonderful Greece and giving up on it in this time of need.

Why should we be forced to leave the country we love so much, that we call home and that has given us so many wonderful times and memories? (More importantly, why should we go and live in the cold?)

Greece’s reputation, which was once something we prided ourselves in, has been tainted beyond recognition. The rest of the world seems to have given up on Greece and this is all the more reason why we don’t want to.

We have both chosen to live in Greece and to support it to the best of our abilities so #selfieforgreece is something that came straight from the heart.