“I love the weather, the islands, the mainland, the food!” – Victor Kalauzis, Operations Manager

Victor Kalauzis

Victor Kalauzis’ #selfieforgreece

Victor is 37 years old and lives in Glyfada with his work being in Piraeus, Greece. He lives with his wife, Xeni and his two hobbies are motorcycles and Olympiakos football team.

Why do you choose Greece?

“I was born here. I studied abroad and many good opportunities arose but I chose to come back to Greece since all my friends, family and most of my favorite places (like islands and mountain villages) are in this country.”

What do you love most about Greece?

“The weather, the islands, the mainland and the food.”

What would you like for the future of Greece?

“To get out of this damn crisis! To become more productive as a country and start exporting more than what we import. And most of all, new politicians who have nothing to do with the old politician’s families that destroyed the economy in this place.”

What is your favourite “secret” in Greece?

“Zogergia Bay in Spetses island; a place that you literally swim under the pine trees. It’s a great spot with an amazing tavern that makes the best homemade “Soutzoukakia” I’ve ever tasted!”