“Oftentimes, I find that my work in Greece is much more fulfilling than my work in the U.S.” – Alethea Avramis, Writer/Film Director

Alethea Avramis

Alethea Avramis’ #selfieforgreece

Alethea Avramis is a Greek-American writer and film director and splits her time between Los Angeles, California and Athens, Greece. After growing up visiting every summer, she decided two years ago to make her first film in Athens. “Now I am¬†hooked,” she says. “Oftentimes, I find that my work there is much more fulfilling than my work in the U.S.”

Why do you choose Greece?

“There is something about the way people relate to each other in Greece that is so much more natural and human than I see in the States. I prefer to live this way and while there is a different set of challenges for conducting work in Greece, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. I’m so incredibly happy to have this heritage and a second home in such a country. I tell everyone I know to go there.”

What do you love most about Greece?

“I love the cafes! There is nothing in the world like sitting in a Greek cafe and talking for hours with friends, not even realizing how much time has passed. Even if it’s packed, nobody will tell you to hurry up and leave. You can stay as long as you’d like. Chatting about life while watching the world walk by is one of my favorite pleasures every time I go back. Whether it’s in the middle of buzzing Athens or a tiny seaside lounge on an island, it’s always special.”

What would you like for the future of Greece?

“I would like to see Greece be proud and excited for it’s future, not only of it’s past. There are huge innovations happening in Greece right now, mainly brought about by young people who have decided to stay there in the midst of the crisis. They are creating cutting edge companies and concepts, and my hope is that this ‘outside the box’ thinking will bring about a new era in the future of Greek society.”

What is your favourite “secret” in Greece?

“If I shared my favorite place, it wouldn’t be a secret anymore! But my favorite Greek product of the moment is a skin care line of eco-friendly and organic products called Bio Select. It’s from Crete and utilizes the Dictamelia plant which is unique to the island. The face serum and creams are divine.”